NEW LIFE 2016 stole the limelight!

kosmosNew Life 2016

The most energetic and fresh wedding and baptism exhibition in Greece
‚Ä®With a tradition of twenty years, this year's Νew Life was the richest and most integrated wedding and baptism exhibition of recent years, covering 12,000 m2 in the Mediterranean Exhibition Centre (MEC) located in Paiania from 22 to 25 January, 2016. Brides-and-grooms to be, new parents, from all over Greece, visited the exhibition in order to organise their dream wedding and the most original baptism for their children. 90% of them in fact stated that they were extremely satisfied by their visit.


If you are a bride-to-be, organising your wedding and you don't know where to begin, New Life is the ideal place for you because you can find everything you need there. As mentioned by the famous designer Takis Giannetos, "there you can actually meet the designers, touch the clothes, see them up close". Over 130 top exhibitors with wedding dresses, groom's suits, baptism sets, wedding crowns, flower decorations, wedding favours, event venues, photographers, honeymoon travel, everything that you have imagined for your wedding or for your baby's baptism are all in one place and you can compare them in real time.

The exhibition satisfied even the most demanding of visitors thanks to the large number of exhibitors and the parallel events that took place throughout its duration. Some of those events were the eagerly awaited Yes I do catwalk, daily fashion shows by the most famous wedding houses (Teokath by Flora Aidonopoulou, Νikos Apostolopoulos, Nantina, Costantino, Mairi Mparola, Helena Kyritsi - Giannetos, Atelier Zolotas, Evita Sposa), the Greek Flower Cup Pro which produced the Top Florist of 2016 as well as contests with lush gifts. Two lucky couples left having won an 8-day trip to Bali and a 3-day trip to Porto Elouda respectively!

The exhibition opened with the Yes I do catwalk, introducing on the catwalk 35 famous Greek artists like Maria Korinthiou, Yannis Aivazis, Nina Lotsari, Jenny Theona, Antonia Kallimoukou and many more. There was a flurry of camera flashes as the famous models dressed as brides and grooms with designs by ten top Greek designers introducing with their creations the definitive bridal looks for 2016.

However, the high turnout of visitors was the main feature of the 2016 exhibition. The exhibitors were extremely satisfied from their interaction with the people. An example is the case of Evangelia Loutrari, Marketing & Public Relations Manager of who visited New Life ’15 in order to organise her wedding, while this year took part as an exhibitor, something that she has already decided to do again next year! As mentioned by Iliana Kontogeorgi from Vlasis Stathokostopoulos Group Wedding Services, "there was a great turnout of visitors from all over Greece, with positive energy and readiness to share their experiences".
In the next exhibition of 20-23/1/2017 you have to be one of them. If you are getting married, don't miss it!