Marketing Guide

Promote your business and attract visitors to your stand with zero cost to you by using the online tools available for you.

All you need to do is to send us as soon as possible at: the following:


Presentation of your company with up to 250 words, a photo (logo or product), indication of your brand, and your contact details.


A brief description of the offer/contest/raffle you will have at the exhibition up to 150 words, 1 photo and title. It applies for as many times as you want to present a new offer or contest.

With the above, you can promote your business to dozens of interested people who are daily visiting the exhibition's website, from the available social media of the exhibition (facebook, twitter, youtube), and to potential visitors through newsletter. These materials will also remain posted on the individual websites for some time even after the exhibition.


Methods and materials we offer in order for you to also advertise your participation in the exhibition:

Web Banners

Promote your participation and encourage those who visit your website to come and see you up close at the exhibition by placing the web banner we give you in a dimension that works!

(availbale soon)


You can send e-mails to a list of potential customers and let them know about your participation. Don't forget to include the special exhibition e-mail banner you have!


It is important and at the same time very easy to insert the exhibition logo on printed or electronic ads! You can download it below!

(Click on the banner you want to open in its true dimension on a new window. On the new window press right click and select “save picture as” and save it to your computer for use)



For more information and clarifications please contact the Marketing Department of FASHION NEWS S.A. at +30.2111.801.801